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Get Healthy The EASY WAY - Go RVing!

Where does good health start? Some would say at the Doctor's Office while others would say a healthy diet is important. While none of these options are bad options, better options might be easier to obtain than you think. What is it you ask? Go RVing for your health! So how does hopping in an RV and going to a random location help improve your health? When we are happy we eat healthier foods, healthline found that we are 47% more likely to consume fruits and vegetables when we are happy. But there is more! We don't take our RV's places to sit around, we take them to venture out into the world and explore. Depending on which source you prefer the stated amount of physical activity greatly increases, on average by 30 to 50 percent! That's huge! The United States has an alarming Type 2 Diabetes problem mainly caused by our poor diets and lifestyle choices. It's already been proven that while RVing we are happier, eating better, and getting more exercise. What this means is RVing can actually help regulate blood sugar levels because we are making better choices and we all know that is a win! We are also more likely to eat real or whole foods while out instead of heavily processed foods. The best part is happiness is directly related to our health and it is infectious according to How infectious could happiness be though? The study showed a 34% increase in happiness with next door neighbors when their neighbors shared happiness. Most RV Parks are social hubs that are full of neighbors and people willing to socialize! The other major factor is money. RVing is much cheaper than a hotel room, on average $30 to $50 for full hookups (per night) and the scenery is picked by you, the driver. Saving money makes us all feel good and allows the majority to flat out do more on vacation and even extend vacations! As you can see RVing really can improve your health and we have just touched the tip of the iceberg! RVing is a diet plan designed for the majority of us, enjoy!

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